Fabulous Fabletics

You might remember me mentioning a while back that I had signed up to Fabletics, the monthly activewear subscription? Well, I had forgotten all about it as I had ordered a few things at the end of last year and just kind of forgot to look at it again until I happened to be looking at ‘recent transactions’ on my online banking and I saw

‘Fabletics – £44’

All of a sudden I had this barf like feeling in my stomach when it dawned on me that it must have been taking that amount for a few months now.

Sure enough, when I logged on to my Fabletics account I was greeted with a credit of almost £200. AHHH.

I was pretty pissed off with myself as I really don’t need any more sportswear as my wardrobe is 80% lycra already and I have been fantasising about owning some Karma of Charme boots (google them) for ages and that money would have gone a long way to getting some!

So, I phoned Fabletics with every intention of cancelling my subscription  but they offered me a refund of £44 and a discount of 20% off an item on my next order and the remaining balance would stand as credit.

There wasn’t loads that I loved but I kept finding myself coming back to this particular top –

So I ordered it, along with two bra’s and some leggings (after all I did have all that credit to spend!).

When they I arrived I was totally thrilled with the quality and fit of everything, which really annoyed me as now I really don’t want to cancel the subscription at all! DAMMIT

I have listed the items and prices I bought below incase you were interested.

‘Treva’ Long-sleeved Top £30.00 

‘Salar’ Powerform Capri Leggings £40.00

‘Ren’ Midi Sports Bra £30.00

‘Armelle’ Seamless Bra (worn under Treva top) £22

This isn’t a post in partnership with Fabletics, I haven’t received any money or products to post this, I just really feel that their stuff is beautifully made and they deserve some praise for it.

Especially the leggings which are the MOST comfortable and flattering of any I’ve worn from budget brands to designer.

I won’t be cancelling my subscription. Not yet anyway.

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