The Importance Of A Pooch


I’ve been thinking about our dog Lenny recently, he’s getting on a bit and it makes me feel emotional that one day our family will have to say a final goodbye to him.

My husband Steve and I were quite early in our relationship in the deep throws of love, where you desperately want to show your commitment by owning something together but aren’t quite at the procreating stage when we got our little Leonard. He was our fur baby, our pride and joy; we took him everywhere, bought him novelty clothes and even wrote his name and a paw print in greeting cards. We used to take him up the pub on a Friday night where he’d sit on a stool and take pleasure in being the adorable attraction, receiving constant attention from bar dwellers. In fact, one night we stumbled home and were just getting into bed when we realised we’d actually left Lenny at the pub! Steve had to put his trainers on and leg it back up the road to retrieve him. He was still on the bar stool eating pork scratchings…

So Lenny enjoyed all of our attention for a few years – until we had children.

When Scarlett arrived Lenny was so interested in her, he would trot upstairs into her nursery and sniff around the cot, then he pissed up it and I had to banish him downstairs. As she grew and started crawling he would let her chase him around the lounge to her hilarity and I’d howl laughing at the sight of them both going round and round the coffee table. She inevitably would occasionally try to ride him like a horse but he’d expertly slink away from her spine crushing grip and perch himself on the back of the sofa out of her chubby reach.

Then Gigi arrived and she and Lenny developed quite a partnership. He’d walk past her bouncy chair and she’d reach out and grab one of his beautiful long ears and suck on them. I’d look and be horrified to see my 6-month old slurping the remnants of pedigree chum out of my Spaniels ear hair but he’d be sat patiently waiting for her to let go, never once even growling. I swear Gigi and Lenny have a special way of communicating as I can put his treats somewhere I think she won’t find them but sure enough I’ll walk into the kitchen and find she’s emptied an entire box of marrow rolls on to the floor for him to gorge himself on. I think he sniffs them out for her…

He does things that really irritate me on a daily basis, like the way he erratically pulls on his lead when you’re trying to walk and push a pram, or how he urinates up my curtains and occasionally has diarrhoea on the one piece of pure cream carpet in our house of hard floors. He snores like a possessed warthog and barks at garden furniture but he’s our dog and we love him.

I got incredibly upset when I took him to the vet and they said his teeth weren’t in a great condition and I wasn’t giving him the right treats. It’s quite common for Cavaliers to get plaque but as we drove away I shed a little tear feeling like I’d let him down and allowed him to slide down my priority list. We now have a large supply of Dentasticks in stock to help with the plaque.

I guess this post is a sort of thank you to my little furry pal. I might not always have time to tickle your tummy or train you to give me your paw but I appreciate every second of the unconditional love you’ve given us. Your unwavering good nature, endlessly waggy tail and hilarious facial expressions bring happiness into this house and we adore you for it Lenny. That’s the importance of a pooch.

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