Pampering my preschooler

So, I had a micro lecture off a complete stranger on the topic of my daughter having pink painted nails. (grrrr)

Scarlett is very nearly four and has developed a keen interest in beautifying herself. She’s always loved looking in my makeup bag when she was a baby, she’d sit for ages and take each item out; turn it around in her little hand and then carefully line them up on the carpet – whilst only occasionally sticking a sharp finger in my eye shadow or drooling on my blusher brush…

As she’s got older she’s started asking me to put a bit of nail varnish on or dab of lipstick and I happily oblige. I know this sounds terrible to some people who feel that children shouldn’t wear makeup but I’m not exactly enrolling her into Toddlers and Tiara’s!

There is an argument raging over the sexualisation of children in which makeup definitely plays a part but I think there is an element of parents projecting their own ideas of beauty on to their child and I firmly draw the line at spray tans and hair extensions and I’d never let her slap on foundation but I hardly think my child’s innocence is being eroded by some sparkle cherry lip gloss every now and then.

I know for a fact that she has no interest in looking older than she is, that doesn’t even occur to her. After buying a couple of sheer lipsticks from the children’s accessory section in Primark I asked Scarlett why she wants to wear makeup and she said “Well mummy, it’s fun, it’s like painting but on my face!” (I love that)

Even though she’s so young I will never discourage my daughters interest in make up and beautifying as I can see the joy she gets from peel off nail varnish. Who knows what the future holds. Perhaps she might become a beauty therapist or take a course in theatrical makeup, or maybe she’ll just be that friend who everyone wants to do their smokey eye.

The general rule I have is that Scarlett can wear makeup when she goes to parties as a special treat, although it was a bit embarrassing when I had to tell her to stop crying after a slide collision in Crazy Tykes because her mascara was running…

So Mrs Woman in the bank, you can keep your opinions to yourself you miserable old crow and actually by the looks of it, my preschooler can give you a few tips on cuticle care 😉

Chloe x


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