I get a lot of comments on my apparent sunny disposition.

“Chloe you’re so positive”

“Chloe you’re so happy all the time”

Well, I have news for those who seem to only meet me on my good days…

Today was a really big smelly shit of a day.

It started with a truly colossal bum hole of a morning, kicked off by my having to wear latex gloves at all times due to the fact my hands are RAW with some minging form of Eczema caused by constant contact with soapy water from cleaning my bastarding house NON STOP. I can’t actually straighten my fingers out without the skin tearing open.

Due to the lack of grip on the aforementioned gloves I managed to drop my phone onto our kitchen floor (which might possibly overtake diamonds to be the hardest substance on earth) and in that bile rising moment of picking it up and turning it over I released a cry of despair so high pitched our dog hid in the garage. The screen is so cracked it could remove your fingerprints should you try to unlock it.

It has rained for 70% of daylight hours which is bullshit in August so we have stayed in the house which tends to boil my brain within the first 3 hours as baking only takes about 20 minutes. Then the thunder came which threw out the wifi…

My children have whinged, fought and pulled at my legs and covered my walls with chocolate fingers and snot and I just felt like climbing into the fridge for five minutes.

Then the doorbell rang.

It was a gentleman who had come to do some work on our kitchen.

His 16 year old daughter was killed in a traffic accident last year.






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