A Mothers Thank You

This post is in appreciation of the most wonderful of people – preschool teachers.

You are the individuals who set the foundation stones in our children’s lives, the rare possessors of parental trust who open the doors to colourful rooms where our toddlers learn to become more than just themselves. It’s the threshold into community and you’re there to hold their tiny hands and lead the way.

We leave our most prized gifts in your faithful protection and you are ready with a sympathetic smile and a box of tissues when it is difficult for us to leave. In our absence you cater to their basic needs; making endless toilet trips, peeling satsumas and tying shoe laces but you also open your hearts by wiping away tears, offering nurturing cuddles and creating a loving environment for our infants to thrive in.

I want to thank you for answering my questions with your experienced wisdom and for creating such special memories, not only for my child but also for me.

Thank you for helping me raise my daughter. I couldn’t do it without you.

In Loving Memory of Jane Corkhill.



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