The Frigging Flu

Last week was a total write off after I contracted a nasty bout of Influenza with an extra helping of tonsillitis.

It came on quickly, one minute I was rushing around food shopping and cleaning and the next I was a shivering wreck, beading with sweat from every orifice. It was the kind of bug that renders you completely useless, I could barely muster the energy to roll over in bed never mind care for two kids under four.

THANK GOD my mum only lives around the corner and was able to help out with childcare and my husband moved his diary around to work from home. How do poorly people manage with young children if they don’t live near relatives?!? I swear to god if I’d have had to get up and supervise children I’d have expired before Breakfast.

Once your little one starts mixing with other kids at Preschool or Nursery you kind of get used to a constant flow of snot erupting from their nostrils or sudden bouts of sickness where your child can be happily playing, suddenly stop to projectile vomit all over your rug and then simply carry on like nothing happened.

I thought I had some sort of super immunity to bugs as a result of going to a soft play centre atleast once a week, where merely breathing in the sticky warm air is akin to having 12 inoculations…

It seems I had a weakness and a particularly nasty bug infiltrated my body, the bastard. Next Winter I will be having the Flu jab and for extra measures I shall be snorting Echinacea and massaging Manuka honey into my eyeballs.

On the plus side I couldn’t eat for 4 days due to my tonsils invading my throat passage so there’s no need to diet before my holiday next week 😀 #silverlinings


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