The Marathon Mummy

A couple of weeks ago a handful of fellow mums and myself committed to something we’ve been mulling over for a while…

We completed our applications and booked our flights to take part in the 2017 AMSTERDAM MARATHON!!!

The event takes place in October, I’m not sure why Amsterdam was chosen but it might have something to do with it being rather flat in terrain. I’m not complaining.

I LOVE running, I run almost everyday. Sometimes with the girls in their buggy and sometimes by myself but either way I love the freedom it affords me. No gym membership fees, no people to judge me, no strip lights or air con. Just my trainers, the road and the Great British countryside with all of its glorious sights and smells. Rain or shine – its mine!


Even though I’m confident in my ability to run, I’ve never ran 26.2 miles before all in one go…

I’m excited at the challenge but also quietly crapping myself that I’ll just not be able to do it and flop over like a soggy cucumber, or I’ll become so nervous at the whistle that I’ll vomit out of my nose and won’t be able to see where I’m going. Despite these fears I’m 100% committed to training as much as family life will permit and giving it a bloody good go.

Lucky for me I’ve been completely kitted out in new sports apparel by the awesome Brasilfit UK

I need premium quality, hard wearing technical clothing that will keep me warm in the wind and cool in the sunshine. Body temperature regulation is an important factor on long distance runs and Brasilfit’s advanced fabrics are guaranteed to wick away sweat pronto. Plus the super sculpting fits make you feel like you could crush watermelons with your bum cheeks!

I’m not just running this marathon for the awesome trip to Amsterdam with my mates or the kudos of completing a challange, I’m running it so I can show my daughters that even a humble housewife can achieve things. At the risk of sounding incredibly corny, I’ll do it for them.


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Chloe x


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