Top Trends For 2017

Happy New Year! Chuck the tinsel back in the loft and throw the droopy bald Christmas tree out in the garden to deal with in March, 2017 is here whether you’re ready to put down the mince pies or not.

I’ve been busy doing my research so I can bring you the TOP TRENDS we’ll be seeing this year.

Starting with…


Water Melon SeedsĀ 

Move over Chia and Hemp you had your time in the culinary spotlight, this year its all about Water Melon seeds! The list of health benefits is long including; anti-aging properties, improving male fertility, shiny hair and can even be used to treat diabetes. Next time you’re munching on some water melon make sure you swallow, don’t spit šŸ˜‰

Ā Chaga MushroomsĀ 

Let’s face facts, they look like burnt turds but these fungi have a delicately nutty flavour with depths of vanilla and can be blended into smoothies or brewed into tea. They also have a list of health benefits the length of your arm but to highlight the best they can; help reduce stress, protect against certain types of cancer, regulate your immune system and protect the body against microbial infections. So it’s true, beauty is on the inside after all!



Chrome Powder NailsĀ 

Already big on Youtube and Pinterest the mirror nail is going to be everywhere come Spring/Summer. To achieve the flawless look a manicurist applies a highly pigmented powder onto a gel cured nail and VoilĆ  a beautiful chrome finish that looks a million dollars.

Braided Top KnotĀ 

Love them or hate them the top knot is back again and this year you’ve got make a bit of effort and braid the bugger. It’s all about looking beautiful from the back but I think I’ll leave this look to Kylie Jenner and co as my hands turn into hooves when ever I attempt to braid anything.

Cut Crease Eye MakeupĀ 

Another Youtube launched craze is the new way to wear eye makeup, search the term and you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on achieving the dramatic look favoured by Rihanna. It seems the simple smokey eye is no longer acceptable, this technique is used to highlight the eye crease by ‘cutting’ across it with a contrasting shadow colour. No blending allowed.


Rainbow StripesĀ 

Fresh from New York fashion week we can welcome the rainbow stripe into our 2017 staple wardrobe. If it combines block colour AND glitter then you’re basically in Vogue.


Interesting SleevesĀ 

Sleeves are no longer simple tubes of fabric for the purpose of keeping the elements off your arms, this year they are a statement of your personality so depending on your mood you can go for the simple split, the giant ruffle or perhaps a one shouldered number? Your arms, your rules.


FuchsiaĀ PinkĀ 

Girly girls of the world REJOICE, it’s offical Pink is the new Black. Be playful and mix tones and textures but be mindful of structure and tailoring to keep it more Queen than Princess.




2016 was all about the Swedish lifestyle trend Hygge pronounced “Hoo-Ga” promoting a feeling of cosy contentment expressed via lashings of hot beverages served in thick enamel mugs whilst being wrapped in 15 super chunky knit blankets. Sounds nice.

However, Lagom is the new kid in town meaning “Not too little, not too much, just right…” and promoting a lifestyle of clean living, balance, organisation and frugality. ERGH?! Who said the Swedes were so bloody fashionable anyway? I think I’d rather live like a Greek scoffing feta and snoozing in the sunshine actually.



Book in a perm and locate your nearest stockists of leg warmers and indecently small leotards, Jane Fonda-esque Aerobics is BACK! Coordinated sweating in a room full of bouncing women is being brought back from the 80’s and it’s OUT with Downward Dog and IN with the ‘Turnstep’. ***Googling local classes now***


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  1. Karen Willis says:

    Hee Hee I’m happy to embrace all of those trends especially the perm as I don’t need one yippee with my unruly mop. Loving the sound of the mushroom šŸ’©. Xxx

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