Slendertoxtea will it work for me?

The diet and detox market is saturated with products promising big things to those who are looking for assistance to shed some weight. Slendertoxtea is a relatively new kid on the block and their headquarters are based in my home city of Leeds.

I was sent a hamper of goodies from the company and challenged to a detox to see for myself the benefits in inch loss and general health and well-being.



Unlike some weight loss aids I have tried Slendertoxtea is refreshingly transparent about what their products contain, ingredients and results. You can find all the information you could possibly need on their website 

Whenever starting something like this I feel it is important to outline realistic objectives for what you want to get out of a diet plan like this and having had a baby 4 months previously my goals were the following –

  1. I have little time for breakfast as I’m always rushing around with just a coffee so I want to have a shake in the morning to sustain me and boost my metabolism.
  2. To shed some lingering inches around my belly and arms. 
  3. To cut out snacking on sweet stuff

The thing I was most pessimistic about was the meal replacement shake, the reason being is that other brands tend to have a calorie count of around 350-400 calories per shake which I actually think is quite high for a meal replacement and personally I’d rather have an omelette but Slendertoxtea has a calorie count of just 90 calories per shake!


It’s not Nesquik but the chocolate cookie flavour I was sent was pretty good and not too powdery synthetic tasting like some other brands. I used skimmed milk to make up mine but you can also use water or alternatives like almond or coconut milk. Just be careful to choose something with a low calorie so no whole milk or ice cream!

Included in my hamper was a selection of their Superfood powders which you add into the shake before blending. The Wheatgrass tasted a bit like moss but I kept with it and when combined with the sweet flavoured Acai Berry it was alright. I did notice an improvement in my hair and nails after about ten days and lets just say I was kept rather regular in the bowel department…


On some days if I was working out and needed an energy boost I added a banana and a few walnuts which tasted awesome and occasionally I added a shot of coffee to give me a zing!

The Tea from which the company takes its name is quite expensive at £13.99 for a packet of 14 tea bags, so a lot more than your Earl Grey but it tastes pretty good for something that’s healthy and the tea bags themselves are posh and attractive which makes you feel like you’re getting your money worth. I had to remember to use the tea bags first thing in the morning instead of my usual drink but when I did it was a strange sensation of my stomach feeling a bit fuller but that might just have been the intake of the hot water. I’m more of a coffee drinker than tea so the shakes were more my ‘thing’ but the tea is worth a go for the full detox experience.

img_5751 img_5750

I must admit that during the two week detox I did occasionally scoff an entire 12 inch pizza and glug a bottle or five of wine so I was a bit naughty and might not have achieved the maximum detox results but if I’m honest I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle anyway and exercise everyday. I just wanted to tone up and get some definition. Generally I had the shakes for breakfast and lunch followed by a sensible evening meal Monday-Friday and then weekends I ate pretty much what I wanted. I like to call this the 80/20 diet in which you are good 80 percent of the week and for 20 percent you can have that Magnum you’ve been eyeballing.



img_5424 img_5434





So there we go! It’s not exactly a shocking transformation but I didn’t aim to lose any serious weight. I have lost about an inch and a half of some lingering belly flab and my abs have become more visible which I’m really chuffed about. My legs have also become a little more lean and my hair and nails have grown like crazy!

The Conclusion

If you want to shift some weight then Slendertoxtea is definitely worth a go! I’d say do it for a month and invest in one of their bundles. The Slender Bundle is on sale on their website at the moment for just £59.99 from £89.99! If you look at it this way, a supermarket shop would cost you a lot more in food than this meal replacement plan.

The only way to lose weight is to have a daily calorie deficit. This system can aid that but to help yourself even more you need to get up and MOVE.


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