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We all know that becoming a parent plays havoc with your night time routine, young babies require round-the-clock feeding meaning your usual 8 hour slumber gets reduced to about 4… If you’re lucky!

Being the possessor of a relatively new born person I’m finding sleep incredibly elusive and even when I do get the opportunity of some shut eye, I can’t seem to let myself relax into a good quality slumber. I elaborated on this situation in my recent blog post Night feed negotiations and it seems a gorgeous sleep fairy over at the luxury organics brand Neom was reading!

In celebration of their Sleeptember campaign promoting the importance of good quality sleep to your health and well-being, Neom sent me one of their Sleep Hero bundles to help me catch some much needed Z’s.


In my particular bundle I received the dreamy combination of the Tranquility Scented Candle, the Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist and the Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment. All of which are infused with the purest possible essential oils including English lavender which is widely praised for its natural sedative abilities, sweet basil and jasmine. No naff synthetic smells here!

As a mother I seem to spend most of my day running around keeping my small people away from sharp objects, dispensing raisins by the ton and getting stuck in soft play tunnels. At night I can be found preparing dinner, power washing play dough encrusted furniture and hoovering sodding raisins out of the Sky box so I don’t really get a chance to relax until I’m sat in bed. I’m sure I’m not the only one leading this type of existence but as busy mums our families depend on us, so I feel it’s right to say that making time for yourself shouldn’t be a luxury, it is indeed a necessity.

To prepare for my decent nights sleep I made sure both kids were full of milk and safely in bed then I banished all evidence of them to the toy box. I lit the Tranquility Scented Candle and sat inhaling its beautiful soft fragrance in front of a cosy fire with a mug of some herbal stuff I bought once.


Feeling myself unwind I decided to move things to the bedroom where I had attempted to create the perfect ‘sleep environment’.


Snuggling up between the freshly washed sheets I massaged a little of the Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment into my temples and wrists. It’s the same fragrance as the candle but is a seriously potent blend lasting up to 3 hours on your skin to induce you into a deliciously deep slumber.


To complete the routine I lightly spritzed my pillow with the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist and let myself sink into the comforting aroma. I was thinking about getting started on a saucy new novel I’d been wanting to read for ages but before I knew it I WAS ASLEEP AND DREAMING!

(Photograph taken by my husband when he came to bed)



I was eventually roused awake by my baby cooing for her 3:30 feed which I managed to get up and provide before climbing back into bed welcomed by the soothing Neom scent. It’s at this point where I usually cannot get back to sleep and instead lie gazing at the ceiling with my brain buzzing over whether my daughter has kicked off her duvet again or what the hell can be in that mystery label-less can in the pantry.

However, on this occasion I found myself thinking about the sweet smell of jasmine, then jasmine growing in beautiful gardens and then I can’t remember much else as I fell asleep again!

I awoke at the usual time of 7am to my daughter rattling her door gate like an asylum inmate and my baby gurgling for her breakfast bottle but I actually felt a little more rested and that I’d achieved a slightly better quality of sleep meaning I got up with a smile and feeling more energetic for the day ahead.

My husband even said he was going to wake me up to complain about the bedroom smelling so flowery but in the end he got off to a powerful snooze himself on just my second hand pillow fumes!

If you are finding it hard to get into a deep sleep then why not try out one of Neom’s sleep programmes and take part in their official #sleepwithneom night on the 25th September (best be quick!).

You can pick up a Perfect Sleep Starter Kit for just £34.oo and if you buy direct from Neom Organics  you will receive a FREE sleep gift 🙂


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