Supermarket Scandals


The majority of my friends now do all of their grocery shopping online and have been urging me to do the same for ages but I have been somewhat pecimistic of this service.

As a lover of food and scoffing in general I take enjoyment from sniffing pineapples and fingering bread loaves to ensure I get the best possible produce in my weekly shop. All I could think about is some spotty teen mindlessly throwing soggy apples into the back of a van and it put me right off. Surely nobody would take such care to check the shinyness of eyeballs on a whole trout as I would?

That being said the pleasure I used to get from food shopping has been somewhat hampered by my children, especially now there are two of the things. First of all there’s the parking, you can read my experience of this here… Then there’s finding the appropriate trolley which is usually located 5 miles away from where you parked and has atleast one dodgy squealing wheel. Getting your toddler into the trolley is a challange most likely involving bribery and begging combined with a full body lock manouvre. Scarlett usually has such a tantrum at being put into a trolley that she shrieks at the top of her lungs for the entirety of the fruit and veg section resulting in more than one of ‘those’ looks from fellow shoppers. Once the little cherub kicked me so hard in the thigh whilst I was pushing the trolley that I had a dead leg right there in the cereal aisle.

Most of the time I give up trying to put Scarlett in the seat and I let her ride along in the actual trolley from which she spends most of her time either shouting “WOOO MUMMY FASTER” or opening everything I put in there including a 24 pack of tampax.


So, you can probably see why I finally gave in last weekend, picked up my ipad and gave it a go. It was bloody life changingly excellent! I sat in bed on Sunday morning with a coffee, one sprog sound asleep in her cot and the other watching Fireman Sam and I did my entire weekly shop which usually takes around 2 hours in less than 15 minutes!

I also ordered multipacks of the heaviest things I could find like 12 cans of baked beans and 8 large bottles of water knowing that someone else was going to lug them into the house for me. I probably spent a bit less too as I wasn’t tempted by the ‘end of aisle bargains’ like the JML waist training girdle I picked up for £19.99 that made me look more like a deformed salami than the Kim Kardashian shape it promised.

When my purchases arrived hand delivered by the charming driver Mohammed they were firm, fresh, fragrant and well within the use by date. How can you argue with a service that brings a box of Sauvignon directly to your door?

I can safely say I shall not be stepping foot in an actual Supermarket ever again, I have been well and truly converted.




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