My must have products to make parenting peachy

Occasionally, when I’m flinging my third load of filthy, biscuit slime encrusted clothing into the washing machine I think about the poor housewives of the olden days who would have to take their families loin cloths down to the local crap infested river and spend several hours swishing them around, wringing them out and leaving them to dry in the sun, then after all that bloody hard work I bet they still smelt of dusty trouts…

We are very lucky to live in an age where literally everything is made easier for us, from the washing machine and the dishwasher to the cordless vac and the disposable nappy we can easily keep our offspring sparklingly clean and healthy thanks to these fantastic inventions. Pondering over this has made me think about the particular products I use on a day-to-day basis which have made my job of mummying so much easier.

I have compiled a small list below –

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine – Three weeks after bringing my first child home I was suffering from the shock of sudden sleep deprivation (SSD) otherwise known as Newbornitis and I was in the middle of making up the 3am feed when I managed to pour a freshly boiled kettle all over my hand and arm. As you can imagine this caused me some distress and a severe case of swearing which inspired me to look for a product which would make formula feeding a bit easier. I was utterly thrilled when I discovered Tommee Tippee offered such a product.

Here’s how it works… Just pop a sterilised bottle with your desired amount of formula in, select the number of scoops on the dial, hit the button and hey presto a shot of boiling water comes out to sterilise and dissolve the formula then you hit the button again and the correct dose of filtered water comes out to create a bottle of milk ready to drink at the perfect slurpable temperature in under one minute!

This machine is simply LIFE ENHANCING and is just £69.99 on Amazon.

tommee tippee


Tiny Love Soothe and Groove Mobile – I bought this for my first daughter as it looked like the mobile I’d most want to lie under (I even tried it out). It is a music box with a load of different sound tracks such as ‘jazz’ and ‘wildlife’ which combined run for a total of 40 minutes. The mobile bit itself has some colourful little toys on it which spin around in a soothing fashion. Mine is obviously for girls and is pink with ladybirds and bugs but there is a boys or gender-neutral version available too.

I put my first daughter and now my new baby girl under this in her cot when I need some time to eat, brush my hair, find my sanity or get dressed and they have both been mesmerised by it! It is the only thing out of all the play matt’s, bouncy chairs and other baby paraphernalia that keeps them entertained for more than 23 seconds.

I even had to buy a second one as my toddler still uses the music box (which is detachable from the mobile) every night to soothe her to sleep! I bought mine from Argos  for £49.99

soothe and groove


Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather – Bathing a tiny baby is one of the scariest things about becoming a new parent. When combined with water a newborn becomes the most slippery bugger on the planet and it’s like trying to keep hold of a wet seal. This little baby deck chair type thing makes it so much easier!

I just put my newborn on the seat and either lightly shower her with the shower head or run the bath a few inches deep and the seat which is made of a netting type material lets the water run through it so they can effectively sit in the bath.

WARNING – Don’t be an idiot.  You must always be with your child when using this seat in water.

You can get one from Mothercare for £16.99

baby bather

Out and About Nipper – If you enjoyed an active lifestyle before you became a parent it doesn’t necessarily have to stop just because you’ve popped out a sprog or two. Infact, it might inspire you to take up running especially if you had pregnancy cravings like mine which were mainly sugar topped with doughnuts, topped with melted cheese. Not great for the bum cheeks…

This ‘running buggy’ as I like to call them is super light and has the most amazing suspension system that will give your tot the smoothest ride possible on even the roughest terrain. In other prams I used to worry about my daughters head wobbling around too much but this one has lots of padding to keep their tiny bonces still. They also do a newborn insert for extra support.

I have the double version and it fits my two year old and my newborn daughter perfectly whilst maintaining balance and not veering to one side due to my eldest daughters weight. It also fits through most standard doors which is a super bonus and I can even fit it in my car boot without too much shouting or swearing. The one below is available from John Lewis and is £234.00

out and about


As I’m not on any kind of commission from any brands or shops because I’m not that good a blogger yet 🙁 I suggest looking for these products on selling pages on Facebook, second hand baby shops or Ebay as there’s always bargains to be found and things can be brought back to life with a quick wash with an antibac wipe!

If you have any ‘must get’ products you’d like to suggest to other parents then please comment and let us in on the secret 🙂



  1. Emma says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the perfect prep machine. This was a lifesaver when my partner was away and I had my toddler and newborn! Might look into the mobile. Phoebs has a dummy and I want to take it away around 6 months but dreading the upset 🙁 Maybe this would be a nice swap.

    • Chloe says:

      I swear the perfect prep machine is the best purchase I have made in my entire life! Definitely give the mobile a go, it might distract her from the dummy although my little girl still has hers at 2 and a half… ARGH! xx

      • Emma says:

        No doubt mine will too. My 2 and a half year old got a bad cold at 6 months and couldn’t breathe with the dummy in – that’s why he doesn’t have one now. Phoebs loves hers and if she doesn’t have it she flips on to her front and then screams because she can’t roll back yet! Ah the fun!!

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