And then there were four…

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You may or more likely may not have noticed that there has been an absence in posts from me for two weeks, the reason for this is I was busy popping out and caring for a brand new human! That’s right, the seemingly longest pregnancy EVER ended on the 17th May when our darling second daughter made her grand entrance into this world.

The birth itself was pretty much as straight forward as I could ask for, a reasonably quick labour after induction, not too long pushing and out she came all pink and pretty weighing in at a comparatively tiny 7lb 5oz when compared to my first born who was 9lb 8oz!

No stitches needed and no epidural to recover from so I was allowed home the same day to introduce Georgia to her extremely excited big sister Scarlett.

After nine long months of waiting and imaging what this little person will be like it’s the most elating feeling in the world walking through your front door with a full carseat and going from a family of 3 to 4 literally overnight.

When I was pregnant I would look at Scarlett and worry that I could never love anyone as much as I love her and maybe it was a mistake to get pregnant again and bring change to our perfectly balanced lives but the moment I was handed Georgia who opened her eyes and looked directly into mine whilst I told her “hello darling, I’m your mummy” the love just bloomed up inside of me. No love was taken away from my first daughter, it’s as if my heart just doubled in size to equally accommodate this new child. Isn’t nature amazing.

Over the last two weeks I have become reacquainted with my unpregnant (if that’s a word) body which although looser and more dangley in some places is not all that bad and infact I never feel more gorgeous than I do post child birth as I’m absolutely in awe of what the female body can do in just nine months. I even let my husband off with only the smallest of death stares when he exclaimed “You look great darling, it’s just like you’ve got an old man’s wobbley beer belly that’s all” 😐

A lot of people worry about how they will cope with the sleepless nights when caring for a new born but my advice would be not to sit there in your pj’s complaining about how exhausted you are as that will only make you feel worse. Get up and get dressed, put some lipstick on, five pairs of spanx and an entire packet of breast pads and get out of the house showing off your beautiful bundle. Our children are tiny babies for such a short time in our lives that it’s worth sleep deprivation, vomit soaked clothing and nappy explosions just to see them nestled in your arms trying to focus on your face with their brand new eyes. Before you know it they’re two and you have to put them into an icecream induced coma just to get a five second cuddle.

So please everybody raise a lovely glass of booze to our new family member Georgia and please can nobody ask me if I’m thinking about having another yet as I won’t hear you what with me being eyebrows deep in parma ham, lashings of pate and a cauldron of gin and tonic!

look of love

A massive thank you to the wonderful team of midwives and nurses at the Leeds General Infirmary who help to bring babies into the world every single day. You do an amazing job and give people the most incredible gift of all, children.







  1. Kathryn says:

    Your blogs always make me smile like a Cheshire Cat… Chloe you are the most adorable, articulate and genuinely real person, I can’t wait to have cuddles with your beautiful new addition. Another Rake in the world is such a joyous event to celebrate. Chin chin gorg. Xxx

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