Happy Saint George’s day my fellow islanders!

Saint George

A very happy saint George’s day to you and your loved ones. I was rather disappointed this morning when scrolling through my social media feeds that only 2 of my contacts had made any reference to this great day of celebrating our noble patron saint George whom according to legend slayed a dragon to save a princess! He went to all that trouble and most Brits don’t even know what date his day is.

I for one think it’s time we took back some pride in being British. When we see a flag flying in someones garden we shouldn’t automatically assume they’re some kind of skin headed thug planning a march and a spot of immigrant bashing, this might just be a mild mannered home owner displaying his pride for this great nation we are so lucky to inhabit.

Lets forget all about politics for a second and look at why we should feel a warm glow of delight when thinking about our little island… Firstly, I know we all moan about how it generally pisses it down with rain for about 85% of the year but look at how lush everything is as a consequence to this, plus nobody will ever go thirsty… I might be controversial here but in my opinion you CANNOT beat a beautiful Spring morning in the UK, when the sun pokes a hole through the clouds and you can sit outside drinking a properly made cup of Earl Grey surrounded by the smell of blossom and wild daffodils.

I think its fair to say that an in season English strawberry is the most delicious thing to exist on this planet. FACT. Our grass is the greenest, softest and most luxurious I’ve seen in any country I’ve been to, I remember whilst on holiday when I was young being horrified at what the Spanish version of grass is, I don’t think they should be allowed to call it grass it should be known as ‘Spiky Ouch No’.

Not only is the 23rd of April Saint George’s day, it’s also the death date of Shakespeare who might even be more famous than the Queen as he generally invented the modern English language which is used world wide, plus he told a great story.

We are, with some exceptions, the most polite nation on the planet and possibly the only nationality to apologise profusely even when something isn’t our fault. We also know over 15 different ways to thank someone for opening a door for us and manage to say them all in the 4 seconds it takes to walk through said door.

We have the BBC which not only offers some world class televisual viewing in the form of shows like Luther (phwoar) and The Office (hilarious) but we don’t have to put up with an advert being rammed into our eyeballs every 65 seconds like the Americans do, in fact, there’s no adverts at all!

The NHS has taken some bashing recently but let us remember it is the largest and oldest publicly funded healthcare provider IN THE WORLD. I personally think our nurses are amongst the best universally and we are extremely lucky in that should you keel over in the street whilst on your way to the CO-OP you won’t be left to decay, the state and the fantastic people who work for it will try their best to keep you alive.

If it wasn’t for Brits like Tim-Bernes Lee you wouldn’t even be reading this now as he invented the internet, Alexander Graham Bell sorted us out with the telephone, Joseph Swan literally turned the lights on when he came up with the light bulb and most importantly where would we be without James Dyson and his bagless vacuum cleaner? Without these rather clever fellows we’d all be living a lonely, dark and dusty existence with no online shopping!

So, as you can see there are plenty of reasons to be proud of being British. I’m not saying you must rush out and cover your entire house in Union Jack bunting and sing the national anthem 50 times over whilst wearing tweed and playing cricket but I am saying that the next time April 23rd comes around give a silent nod to our patron Saint George and be thankful for all the liberties and strawberries this fine land offers us.



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