Mothers Day Gift Ideas (Guaranteed to secure you the secret favourite child position)


Before I was a mum myself and had learnt to appreciate my mother for taking nine months out of her life to grow me, push me out of her body drug free and then feeding and protecting me so that I survived into adulthood, I was guilty of neglecting to celebrate Mother’s Day in a proper fashion. Most years I only just managed to ‘hand-make’ a card using nothing but a piece of A4 and a biro accompanied by some still muddy and insect infested daffodils I’d stolen from next doors flower beds.

Since I’ve spawned my own young, I feel that Mother’s should be wholeheartedly celebrated in a goddess like manor and have produced the following guide filled with gifts to make your mummy feel like the most important lady in the land, whatever your budget. Just get ready for those jealous glares from your less considerate siblings and watch the brownie points roll in…

1. The Book of Everyone £19.50

Enter a few personal details about your dear mum and receive a beautifully designed book with personalised facts just for them!



2. Face Plant Pot by Snapdragon £20 

A plant pot comically enhanced by your face. What could your mum not love about this?

Personalised face plant £20noth


3. Savannah Leather Shopper £99.95

An eco-friendly handbag made from butter-soft leather dyed using extracts of bark and plants by a fair trade cooperative of 40 families in Rajasthan. Not only is this an all round feelgood gift, it’s got enough room for all of your mums unnecessary necessities!

Savannah Luxury Shopper


4. Betty’s box of 9 fondant fancies £15.75

They’re from Betty’s. No further explanation required.



5. Moet and Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne £40.00

It’s pink, it’s bubbly, it’s alchoholic and it’s Moet. No supermarket own brands today please.

Moet jpg


6. The DIY Mummy Box £up to you! 

My personal fave of the bunch. Buy a gorgeous gift box and fill it with your mum’s favourite beauty products, sweet treats, mini booze bottles and accessories to suit your budget – don’t be a stinge!  This is personalised at its BEST.

beauty gift box

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