New York Fashion Week Weirdness.

Another New York Fashion Week has been and gone and so on every glossy fronted magazine we have been presented with images of the worlds most beautiful and eternally starving women perched on fold out chairs watching human coat hangers mincing down catwalks wearing the latest offerings from high profile designers.

Now, I love fashion and like to think to a certain degree I keep up with the latest trends and have even been known to adorn the odd brave outfit or beauty choice. Hair feathers were one of my husbands least favourite who assumed I had been attacked by a muster of peacocks. Then there was the bright pink satin, utility playsuit of which my mum insisted I looked “absolutely fabulous” in only for my friends to later confess that I looked like a walking condom…

If the images coming out of NYFW are anything to go by then for the most part we are in for a dreamy combination of statement prints, sport couture and sheer fabrics coming throughout 2016. All very lovely and somewhat expected, however, there were some shows which debuted some rather questionable statements…

  1. Hairy Nails by Libertine. 

Ok, so, I love a nail trend and always rush out to buy the latest Barry M marble effect polish but I’m afraid I draw the line at hairy nails. I spend most of my time trying to remove hair from unusual places so why the hell would I want to glue more on? Imagine trying to eat ribs with these on? No.

Hairy Nails

2. Lace Face by Givenchy 

I suppose this would be rather useful if you had a breakout of acne or a crusty cold sore you wanted to cover up but I can’t imagine it’s all that comfortable to upholster your face. I reckon you could achieve this look quite cost effectively though by borrowing one of my Grandma’s many doilies or you could just arrange some old frilly knickers into a moustache.

Lace face

3. Gravity Defying hair by Gypsy Sport 

I could easily achieve this look to be fair as I wake up with my hair looking like this most mornings. I feel a fool for wrestling with it in the mirror for two hours now when it’s so obviously in fashion. Not a great style for hat fans though but super for those who want to look that bit taller.

Mohawk hair

4. People Carrying by Rick Owens 

We’ve all got that one friend who just can’t handle their Prosecco, it seems that now it’s quite stylish to carry them home as a rucksack…

Rick Owens


5. Discomfort by Hood by Air

Call me old fashioned but I don’t really like being tied up or handcuffed. I find it limits my ability to have a productive day.

Everything in Hood by Air




  1. Charlotte says:

    Too funny Chloe… No2 would have done for Amelies poor chicken poxed face the last few days. May have missed that boat but il bear it in mind for my next breakout😂

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