Outdoor Pursuits


I’ve always been a very ‘outdoorsy’ person, not in the “Let’s go camping” sense but ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved spending hours outside running or just exploring.

However, in recent weeks what with being 6 months massively pregnant and the almost constant, freezing, storming downpours we have been enduring I have been hibernating inside scowling out at the foulness and planning my emigration to the Sahara desert so I never have to see another bloody puddle again.

But then this morning the clouds parted and we were greeted by the kind of bright blue crisp morning that makes you rub the wintry sleep out of your eyes and appreciate the beauty of the world…

I grabbed the dog and got Scarlett wrapped up in her buggy and off we went into the glorious sunshine.

IMG_2313Bump, boots and pooch!


We ended up stomping for almost 7 miles through the sunny countryside. We saw sheep grazing in the fields with plump bellies ready for lambing, horses cantering around paddocks with joy, pigs venturing out of sty’s to snuffle in the mud and birds of all descriptions singing us on our way.

I so prefer this form of exercise instead of signing up to expensive gyms with their hideous artificial lighting and wall to wall mirrors which serve to constantly remind me that I look like an overstuffed sausage in Lycra and that I run like a duck. I understand that gyms are very good for people short on time who need that quick fix workout but personally I really can’t think of anything worse than running on the spot whilst watching This Morning or having to look at other peoples sweaty crotches whilst they do their lunges.

Get outside people to see and smell the seasons arriving. Fill your kids with fresh air, let them jump up and down in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa) and push prams up hills to get bum cheeks fit to crack brazil nuts.

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