Maternity Swimwear Maladies…


I recently enjoyed a superb girls week in Tenerife with my mum and daughter, just what we needed to banish the mid-January blues. It was a last minute booking so I only had a few days to prepare my wardrobe and pack. Being almost six months pregnant it was a fairly straight forward affair of little maternity sundresses and long floaty bump skimming maxi’s. Then I got to selecting swimwear…

I kept imagining myself trussed up in a straining bikini looking like an extremely pale and veiny beached manatee, putting innocent bystanders off their paella whilst flailing around in the sand desperate to get back to the deep waters… All of my non-pregnant bikinis were tiny dental floss type situations which barely cover a nipple anyway never mind the hormone engorged plums I’m packing right now!

Being deepest January there wasn’t a single high street shop selling maternity swimwear so I had to look online and order something that looked splendid on the perfectly pregnant model. I looked for a long time and to be honest even on the models some of the options looked like nylon ship sails with added hideous frills just to increase your surface area even more.

That being said it is possible to be heavily pregnant, elegant and feel bump beautiful whilst on your baby moon beach break.  The first is to exfoliate your entire body to create an even skin tone, the second is to either manoeuvre a mirror around your bump or ask a (very) close and trusted friend to check your bikini line for any unsightly spiders legs and the third is to check out my guide to the best of maternity swimwear. Knock em’ dead Mama x


Mamalicious stripe maternity swimsuit with red bow detail – £25 available from Asos


Black and white polka dot maternity tankini – £29.99 BonPrix available from

swimwear 365 29.99


Blue and white stripe detail maternity swimsuit – £14 George, Asda (The one I went for… bargain!)


Georgestar buy


Emma Jane ruched side maternity swimsuit – £24.00 Figleaves

Emma Jane



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