Amazing way to remove scorch marks from a wooden table!

So, it turns out my husband and his friends cannot be trusted with hot chinese food around my funiture. I was filled with rage when I came down for breakfast to see a hideous white scorch mark on my beautiful polished dining table.

After a thorough bollocking was handed out to the defendants I got to researching ways to restore the table back to its original scorch-free beauty.

There’s plenty of complex solutions needing a list of specialist materials of which might as well include the tears of a mermaid and shaved unicorn horn as I don’t own and have no idea where to purchase the listed materials.

Then the iron method popped up and promised amazing results so I took a deep breath and gave it a go…

Image 1. Before Pic – The hideous scorch mark.

IMG_2168 (1)

Image 2. Turn on iron to max setting with steam setting on and place a clean, dry kitchen cloth folded over once onto the scorch mark. 



Image 3. Place iron onto folded kitchen cloth and iron over the scorch mark for ten seconds or longer if the scorch mark persists. 


Image 4. The scorch-free result! 



It seems totally bonkers to me that heat can cause a scorch mark and that heat plus steam can remove it!! But it worked so husband and co have been let out of the dog house… for now 🙂


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